DIY Lawn & Garden

A green thumb comes naturally to some people, while the rest of us are left wondering why our whole back yard is filled with clover!  In our do-it-yourself Lawn & Garden section, you can learn everything from how to aerate and seed your yard, to proper mowing techniques so you don’t burn your grass.  There are also specific procedures that should be followed when watering your lawn as well.  While it takes a while to master some of these, it is definitely worth all the time and effort when you sit on your back deck looking over the gorgeous landscape you have created – on your own!

If its Gardening you are interested in, we also discuss how to build a compost pile and then how to use it to grow a fantastic garden this summer.  Anything that has to do with your lawn or garden can be found here, so come in and look around!


DIY Lawn & Garden

7 Inexpensive Home Improvement Projects to Help your Home Sell Faster!

If you’re planning to try to sell your home any time soon,  these 7 affordable home improvements will make it more appealing to buyers by increasing the curb appeal and giving you the opportunity to sell it more quickly. With interest rates at an all time low and a lot of... more

Hiring a Landscape Contractor, Find the Right One for Your Yard

Have you finally decided that your yard is just too much to handle and you need a professional to help you out?  Maybe you are trying to sell your home and more curb appeal? You are not alone. Regardless of how hard you try sometimes, you can’t prevent weeds and you may... more

Tree Removal, Cost to Call in a Tree Cutting Service

If you have large trees in your yard, there’s no doubt you enjoy the shade, beauty, fall foliage and many other wonders of nature in action. The downside however, is that trees can hang over your home and cause roof damage, roots can grow into your septic system or the... more

Identify and Eliminate Garden Weeds

Where do weeds come from? If we knew the answer to that, we could probably prevent them completely! Weeds are actual plants but they are invasive and they reproduce aggressively. Defined by Wikipedia, a weed is: A herbaceous plant not valued for use or beauty, growing wild and... more

Tips for Lawn Fertilization

If you want to have a nice lawn in your yard then it is necessary to fertilize it on the correct schedule and with the right products. So many homeowners decide they are going to take steps to make their yards more beautiful, but then use the incorrect fertilizer at the wrong... more

Fall Maintenance Tips to Take Care of Before It Gets Too Cold!

It’s been another beautiful fall around the U.S. with autumn colors, lots of great activities and some of us still have a bit of good weather left. In this DIY Reviews article, we discuss how to use some of the good weather to get ready for old man Winter is a very good... more

How to Have a Beautiful Indoor Garden

Indoor gardening is becoming increasingly popular. One of the best parts of indoor gardening is that there are so many types of things you can grow year-round. Vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce are a great fit for indoor gardening. You can even have a... more

How To Prune Your Trees

If you have just entered the tree growing world, you have no doubt heard the term “pruning” tossed around by the more veteran growers. Well, I have something to admit. For several years, I did not even know what pruning was. I heard the term a lot, but I never felt comfortable... more

How to Prepare Your Garden For the Winter

Some people believe that when the weather starts getting colder and the leaves start to fall, it is time to put away the gardening tools and wait until next spring to work on their garden again. Wrong. Winter is an important time to maintain your garden’s health and... more

Top Tips To Make Your Backyard Camp Out the Best!

If you are planning a backyard campout, you are not alone. Each year, millions of campers head out to their local state parks or other public campgrounds. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy this type of camping. Instead, many individuals and families make the decision... more

Tips for First Time Grill Owners

  Grilling, or Barbequing is a true American tradition. Many Americans are finding themselves with a grill for the first time. Good experiences with your grill will surely lead to using your grill more and more. Planning Ahead Barbequing has been around since early cavemen... more

How To Grow Your Own Herbs | Tips for a Great Herb Garden

If you’re not the type of person that wants to spend their time managing an elaborate fruit or vegetable garden, you might consider planting and maintaining an herb garden. While the product might not seem as significant, you’ll still enjoy the constant availability of... more

How To Pick the Right Grill for Your Needs

Charcoal Grills Charcoal grills are one of the most used types of grills. Charcoal grills utilize charcoal and lighter fluid to heat up and cook your food. Charcoal grills come in all shapes and sizes, and vary in cost. Charcoal grills come in small sizes, which are ideal for... more

Christmas Tree Recycling and Disposal

Christmas Tree Recycling The holidays are over, the presents are unwrapped and you have figured out how to recycle Christmas wrapping paper, but what about the Christmas tree recycling? Unlike other items that you can reuse like wrapping paper and Christmas cards, you don’t... more

Fall Projects | Top 10 Outdoor Fall Projects

Fall is a perfect time to get outside in that beautiful weather and take care of a few things. If you are a homeowner, you know the importance of sealing in the heat, preventing frozen pipes and preparing your home and yard to weather the harsh winter. Before it starts getting... more

Prevent Frozen Pipes | Fall Maintenance Tips

Frozen pipes can happen to any home or business, but if you take the proper steps to protect them, you can lessen your risk. Obviously, frozen pipes will occur more often to those pipes that are exposed to severe cold and wind. These include your garden hose, hoses in crawl spaces,... more

Compost Bins | How To Make Your Own Compost Pile

Compost Bins – what exactly are they?  In basic terms, compost is decomposed plant and waste materials that are gathered and broken down to be used as a fertilizer in your garden.  Indoor and outdoor waste materials are piled up and turned for a about one year before... more

Check Outdoor Walking Surfaces Before Winter

 There are many things that homeowners should check and maintain before Winter comes calling.  Everything from weatherstripping to storm windows. The one thing some homeowners neglect to do is check all the walking surfaces outdoors to prevent accidents.  The most common cause... more

Gutter Cleaning | How To Clean Rain Gutters

Cleaning out your rain gutters is very easy, as long as you don’t mind being on a ladder and getting a little dirty during the gutter cleaning process! It’s is a home maintenance task and you should clean your gutters a couple of times a year, like Fall and Spring,... more

Lawn Mowers | How to Winterize

In most parts of the US, mowing season is over, so its that time to winterize your lawn mowers and store them for the winter!  A lot of folks don’t bother to winterize their lawn mowers – they just cover it and stick it in the corner of the yard or in a storage... more

Top 10 Flowers to Plant in October

Most of us think of October as the start of Winter, but there are still a few flowers you can plant in October that will thrive during the cold months! You work so hard during the Spring and Summer to keep your garden looking healthy and colorful, why let it die out during the... more

How To Clean Your Grill

A gas grill needs to be properly maintained in order to keep it cooking well for you year after year.  Learning how to clean your grill is a must if you use it on a regular basis! We tend to think that a grill is something that does not need regular cleaning. Think of your... more

diy lawn aeration

How to Aerate and Overseed Your Yard

Aerating your own yard is one of the easiest and most rewarding DIY landscaping projects a homeowner can take on in the spring or fall! In fact, spending 2-4 hours in your yard this weekend, will give you the reward of a beautiful lawn for months and years to come! When most... more

How To Get Rid of Spiders Outside Your House

Lets face it, most of us hate spiders and getting rid of spiders outside your house is sometimes a losing battle.  But, there are things you can do to minimize how many and where they spin their webs. I started my search for information because we have a big writing spider... more