Guest Writers are the staple of success for the Do it Yourself Reviews website. We are always on the lookout for unique, quality content to provide our readers and our Guest Pro program is a great way to gain exposure to yourself and own business at the same time!

DIY Reviews Guest Writer Profile

The typical contributor in our program is a niche website or small business owner, who is knowledgeable and skilled in their own area of expertise! Ideally, they will write topic relevant articles based their own experience, and written in an effort to help others solve a problem in a Do it Yourself fashion.

You do not need to be an a-list website owner or even a college educated journalist… as long as you have a desire to answer common DIY tasks, you are a good fit for our Guest Pro Program!

As an Author on our DIY website, you will receive your own public profile page after you have successfully posted 5 unique and relevant content articles.

Help our Visitors by Sharing Relevant Links!

One of our main goals at DIY Reviews is to help our readers find great content that helps them solve a problem at one single website! We also realize that with the wealth of information on the Internet, we cannot be everything to everyone, and many before us have already focused on similar topics.

In EVERY post or article you draft, we expect you to include resource links to other authoritative pages on the web that contain very relevant content to your own article, or places that you viewed to learn more when you were writing your article.

A good example of places you would link to are:

  • Wikipedia topic page.
  • Authority website or manufacturers.
  • Highly ranked pages or posts in search engines.
  • A recent page on your own website, focused on solving the topic of your post.

Note: We WILL NOT accept links to main domains. The links in your posts MUST lead directly to a page of content on topic with your article. For example, this page is about our guest program. A very appropriate link to an authority site would be How to be a Good Guest Blogger on the Pro Blogger site. Linking to the main page of the site,, is not relevant to this page. The only real exceptions are links to brands or manufacturer websites.

Increase your Own Internet Reach & Network with Visitors!

As you continue providing content on our site, your reach to a target audience of interested readers grows naturally! The more you post and comment on your own topical posts, the more you will become a respected authority in our DIY Community.

You can reasonably expect that your site authority will naturally follow your own level of involvement in our community. This means you should revisit your posts often to answer any followup questions readers may have, bookmark your posts on social networks to increase their web popularity, etc.

Quality & Relevancy

ALL submitted content is reviewed before posting! Please understand we do not want to become another repository of duplicated content articles. Our goal is to provide 100% unique and relevant content to our readers.

We encourage Guest Bloggers to complete their posts themselves, but we also realize not everyone has the means or software to edit images, etc. In all cases, your posts are reviewed before posting to the site and we make recommendations on ways to improve your post. Listed below are the areas we look at before posting to the public:

  • Post Title – Is it relevant to your post?
  • Post meta information completed?
  • Run through CopyScape to assure the post is unique – We DO NOT want PLR or Ezine article posted on site and they will be rejected immediately, as well as your contributor account being suspended immediately!
  • Inclusion of homepage thumbnail image for ALL posts. (Further details and template provided upon acceptance)
  • Outbound links checked for affiliate links – This alone will not get your post disapproved, but we will immediately remove the links, send the post back to your for editing and reconsideration.
  • We reserve the right to deny any post submitted, but will work closely with our authors to assure their long term success in our Guest Blogger program.

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Please review the terms and conditions below, and once complete. Proceed to our Guest Blogger Sign up page and submit your information. After you have completed the form, we will get in touch within 24 hours and supply your login information to the posting system.

Terms and Conditions

By joining our Guest Blogger program an submitting your content to the DIYReviews website, you agree to the following:

  • DIYReviews may need to edit your content before it is active. ALL editing will be done in conjunction with you, and your approval will be required before the post goes live. If you do not respond within 5 days, your post will be deleted.
  • DIYReviews reserves the right to decline any content we do not deem appropriate, or in line with the good faith outlined on this page. This may include adult content, affiliate links, and any other off-topic content we deem unsuitable to our overall goals and visitor needs.
  • You will only provide unique content to our system. DIYReviews runs 100% of all submitted content through CopyScape to check for duplicates. If your submission is found to be a copied article or post, it will be immediately deleted and your account suspended from future posts. Any content previously supplied will remain on site with your author information intact, however you will be removed from the revenue share program.
  • DIYReviews reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. You will be notified of all changes, before they take effect.
  • ALL content you provide becomes the property of the DIYReviews website. We reserve the right to edit the content at any time, however your Author information and links will always remain.

If you have any questions before applying to become a Guest Blogger, please use our contact form.

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