Common Roof Repairs & The Estimate Cost to Fix Them!

Hearing you have a leaky roof is one of the last things any homeowner wants to hear! Between locating the leak, the fear of getting up on a ladder and the worry about hidden damages that may have already occurred, it’s one of the worst home repairs a DIY’r can be tempted to do on their own, and with estimated roof repair costs as unpredictable as the weather, budgeting can be a nightmare also.

Personally, I hate ladders and since our home is on the side of a hill, we have one very high side. Roof repairs, cleaning the gutters, and even just inspecting our own roof is one of those common home repairs I try to leave to a professional!

In this DIY Guide, I’m going to follow-up on our reasons a roof leaks article last week, and share some tips we recently got from our roofing contractor about the most common roof repairs, and the approximate cost to have them fixed by a professional. Our home was the lucky landing spot of a hail storm last year and after an inspection by a tree guy (long story), we found several things we didn’t have a clue how to fix so I called a friend who is also a roofer.

Most Common Roof Repairs with Estimates Repair Prices

Roof Repair TaskĀ 
Estimated Repair Cost
General Service Charge to Inspect Roof and Find Leaks $49-$89**
** Roof repair companies may charge a service call fee to come out to your home, setup their ladder and locate the reason for your roof leak. You can call around to find a company who doesn’t charge, or use a service like our own, that works with contractors who offer free repair estimates.In the repair estimates for leaking shingles and tiles, we’re going to assume you only have 1-2 that need repairs. Larger scale damage is going to get much more detailed and may require a complete roof replacement.
Replacing Individual Asphalt Shingles $25-$50
Clay Tile Replacement $80-$120
Seal Seams around Vent Boot $25-$50
Replace an Old Vent Boot $85-$250
Replace Chimney Flashing and Re-Seal $150-$400
Replace or Reset Chimney Cap on Flue
Seal Base of Skylight or Roof Window
Repair and Seal HVAC Unit Roof Curb
Replace or Repair Metal Flashing Anywhere on Roof
Rain Gutter Cleaning and Inspection
Basic Gutter or Downspout Repairs
General Per-Hour Street Rate for Roofers
$85-$145 / Hour

The horrible downside to a roof leak is that it’s usually not the only repair you’re going to need! In some cases a leaking roof will damage the plywood underlay, the insulation in your attic, and on very bad leaks, ceilings and everything in the area under the leak! Make sure when you look at the roof repair cost estimates, you factor all the underlying and unseen leak damages as well.

Have you Recently had a Roof leak Fixed?

If so, please consider sharing how you found the roof leak, your experience with the roofing contractor or handyman you called in to handle the repair, as well as the approximate cost of the roof repair you had done.


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