49 DIY Tips to Big Energy Savings!

Small changes or projects don’t usually make much of a difference on their own, but when combined… the cumulative effort can add up to significant results!

That statement really holds true when it comes to energy saving tips you can easily make inside your home, and if you set aside just a few hours in one afternoon, you can probably get most of these DIY Energy Saving Tips completed for less than the cost a few cups of coffee!

In this DIY Article we look at Indoor DIY Projects that Have a Big Impact on Saving Energy in your Home! Please join the discussion at the end of the article, and add a few tips that we can include in the list!

15 Ways to Save Energy In EVERY Room

  1. Turn off all Electrical Items When Not In Use!
  2. Dress according to the Weather, Instead of Switching the Thermostat!
  3. Replace Light Bulbs in your Home with Long Life, Low Watt (CFL) Compact Fluorescent Bulbs! Change just one a week to remain affordable, or check with your electric company to see if they offer free replacement bulbs.
  4. Keep Lights and Heat Sources Away from Thermostats
  5. Keep all Lights and Lamp Fixtures Dust Free so the Light is not Blocked!
  6. Do NOT Close the Vents or the Door In Unused Rooms! Your homes heating system is designed to work best in a specific sized area, that includes that room!
  7. Never Cover Vents in Floors or Walls without a Deflector to Move the Air
  8. Do Not Block Radiators
  9. Use Deflective Shields between Radiators and Walls, to Reflect the heat Inside!
  10. Keep Furniture and Curtains Away from Baseboard Heaters
  11. Open Curtains and Blinds during the Day (In winter) and Keep them Closed at Night
  12. Use Area Rugs on Hardwood and Tile Floors to Keep them Warmer
  13. Add Foam Back Insulates to All Outside Wall Electrical Outlets
  14. Teach your Children the Importance of Saving Energy
  15. Install Dimmers on all Light Switches

8 Ways to Save Energy In the Kitchen

  1. Cook with a Small Convection or Microwave Oven
  2. Brew Smaller pots of Coffee and Store it in an Insulated Decanter Immediately After Brewed!
  3. Cook Meals During the Cool Part of the Day
  4. Hand Stir Small Batches of Food instead of using a Mixer!
  5. Use a Crock Pot to Cook in Summer
  6. Only Run the Dishwasher when its Full
  7. Never Leave the Water Faucet Running
  8. Install an Instant Hot Water Heater under Sink for Hot Water

7 Ways to Save Energy in the Bathroom!

  1. Let Pee Stay in Toilet for 2 Uses before Flushing
  2. Put a 1/2 Gallon Water Jug Inside the back of the Toilet Tank (Reduces water use)
  3. Use a 5 Minute Egg Timer for Showers
  4. Hang Towels to Dry and Use at Least Twice!
  5. Take Cool Soaking Baths on Very Hot Days!
  6. Always Unplug the Curling Iron when Not In Use
  7. Let Hair Dry Naturally!

7 Ways to Save Energy In the Laundry Room

  1. Only Wash Full Loads of Clothes
  2. Clean the Lint Trap and Dryer Vent on Every Load
  3. Only Dry Full Loads of Clothes
  4. Wash Clothes in Cold Water as much as Possible
  5. Hang Clothes When Weather Permits
  6. If you have the Room, Install an Indoor Clothes Line
  7. Hang Clothes on Hangers Immediately when Removed from Dryer to Prevent Wrinkles

7 Ways to Save On Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing

  1. Install a Programmable Thermostat and Set It!
  2. Maintain Thermostat at Close Ranges of Temperature
  3. Have Your HVAC System Cleaned and Tuned At Least Once a Year!
  4. Install a New High Efficiency Heating and Cooling System (Get Free Estimates)
  5. Put on a Sweater in the Cold Months and leave Thermostat at 68
  6. Install Ceiling Fans in Every Room
  7. Keep the Fireplace Damper Closed when Not in Use

5 Ways to Save Energy Around Windows & Doors

  1. Inspect Weather Stripping and Replace If Needed
  2. Cover Windows with Shrink-Plastic in Winter Months
  3. Keep Drapes Closed at Night to Block Cold Air in Winter
  4. Install New High Efficiency Windows (Get a Free Estimate)
  5. Open Windows and Let the House Breathe on Mild Weather Days

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2 Responses to “49 DIY Tips to Big Energy Savings!”
  1. Jules says:

    In really cold times, we roll up towels and push them against the bottom of our doors. They work great to block drafts.

  2. Bud Greenlee says:

    When replacing your washing machine, opt for a new energy efficient front loader. We found that our new washer uses less than 1/3 of the water and energy of our old top-loader, and the clothes dry in half the time.