Lighting your own Pilot Light

Pilot Lights go out for several reasons, but with winter coming quickly many of you will find that over the cooling season, the Pilot Light on your Gas Furnace has either gone out naturally, or you shut it off after the last time your heater was used, and it has to be relit in order […]

DIY Garage Refinishing with Garage Floor Epoxy

One of the things that need to be changed when planning to remodel your garage is the floor. Concrete floors serve the purpose of flooring but do not look good, even if you paint it, the floor will look bare. By refinishing the floor with a Garage Floor Epoxy Sealant, you will not only improve […]

What Size Gas Logs should I Choose?

Gas Logs can not only add a great aesthetic improvement to your old fireplace, they also help save energy and heat quite a large in your home! Since 1998, they are also the most popular Fireplace Accessory you will find on both the web and many local hardware stores! Having worked for an HVAC company […]

How do you Winterize and Cover a Pool?

Its that time of year again… when we have to get our Pool¬†Covers out, and winterize our swimming pool! Depending on where you live and the type of pool you have, this can be a 30 minute process, or a full day! Typically, it takes longer to cover an above ground pool, than an inground… […]

DIY House Insulation to Prepare for Winter

Its that time of year again! Winter cold is right around the corner and with the rising energy costs, we can take a few basic steps and less than 1 hour,¬†to make sure we winterize our own homes. Did you know that there are 5 main areas where all your expensive heat is lost? Lets […]