DIY Money and Finance

Since the economic downturn, most of us are looking for ways to save money and that is what we will talk about in our DIY Money & Finance area.  Not only are we looking for ways to put away money in our savings account or investments, but we need to learn how to cut our expenses so we have that extra money! 

By analyzing all of your household expenses, such as cable, phone and electricity, you can learn how to pick them apart and figure out where all your money is going.  Learn how to curb those expenses by cutting down on the services, changing the services or completing the services yourself! 

When you make the decision to clean up your finances on your own,  you are making an investment in yourself.  Take a look at our Money and Finance section and let us help you grab a few extra bucks so you feel more confident and comfortable!


DIY Money & Finance


How To Save Money On Energy Costs and Help Save the Environment Too!

Saving money is the game now if you really want to bank on a good future for you and your family. This is one definite way to ensure that you make yourself able and ready for whatever big plans you have ahead, be it getting a new house, buying a car, sending a kid to college... more


Money Saving Tips for Students

It is easy to get caught in the rush of things when you are in college. In the midst of studying, part-time jobs, socializing and extracurricular activities that you have, you are most likely to forget one of the most important things, which is straightening out your finances. All... more


The Advantages of Gold IRA Inclusion

Considering how hard times are, investing and considering the future of your funds is never too late. However, with the stock market not really as thriving as it used to be, investors have to look into new avenues to make their money work. This is where the use of Gold IRA inclusion... more


Top 40 Ways to Reduce Your Grocery Bill and Save Money

Tough economic times means tough decisions and discipline.  One of the ways you can cut back on expenses is to save money on your grocery bill!  Although my list below is fairly simple, it isn’t always easy for us to change a few things to save money. I know that until... more


How To Get a Home Improvement Loan

In tough economic times, it is even more difficult to get a home improvement loan than in latter years.  Home Improvement Loans are completely different from most other loan types due to all the variables involved.  Almost all lending institutions have a basic set of instructions... more


10 Places to Learn How to Make Your Own Coupon Organizer Binder

Chances are, you have been in a grocery store and seen someone with a coupon organizer binder.  Serious couponers (like myself) are super organized and passionate about saving money!         I hear this all the time – “It takes too much time to use coupons!”. ... more


How to Make the Most of Student Loans

As well all know, college is NOT cheap.  The price will vary depending on the school you go to, or whether it is a public or private institute.  But wherever you go, you will have the opportunity of receiving student loans. Student loans are loans that are distributed to students... more

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