Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you still need a gift for that special someone, you better check out these last minute Valentines Day gifts!

While you should have given a lot of thought to what you get your sweetie this year, most of us do wait until the last minute.  The key to picking out the right gift, is to make sure they never know it was a “last minute” gift!

Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

Take a look at my list before for a few ideas that will surely make your Valentine smile!

Frame with Picture

Nothing melts a womans’ heart more than for you to take the time to find that favorite picture of the two of you and pick up a heart shaped frame.  She will love it not only because you took the time to do it, but she will always think about you, even when you aren’t around.

Gift Certificate

While I REALLY hate to put this one on the list, if it is really last minute, then a gift certificate will still be a good gift.  BUT, don’t get a gift certificate from Walmart or Target, make it one from a jewelry store or specialty store.  Then, tell her you just didn’t want to mess up and get the wrong thing, but you still want to go with her to pick out the gift.


Regardless of what else you might get your sweetie, a box of heart shaped chocolates is a must for every woman!  Even if she takes one bite of each candy, then throws it away, this is the one day of the year she expects those chocolates.

Love Coupons

Whether you make your own, or print off some online, make sure to personalize these specifically for her.  She will appreciate the time you took to think out each coupon!

Gift Basket

This is a really easy one and can be done at the last minute.  Hop into the drug store and pick up either a pre-made gift basket with bubble bath, etc OR make her a basket that you can both enjoy by adding in massage oils, body chocolate and things of that sort.

Potted Plants

If your girl doesn’t care about flowers, then consider going to a nice nursery and picking up an exotic plant like an orchid.  The key to picking the right plant is to make sure (1) She doesn’t already have one (2) Don’t buy anything that can be poisonous to pets or children (if she has any).  If you need ideas, talk with the employees and see what they recommend!

Stuffed Animal

I don’t care how old she is, women still swoon over cute stuffed animals.  Make sure you pick out something very soft, cuddly and related to Valentines Day.  Unlike flowers, this gift can stick around forever.

Romantic Evening at Home

Not all woman expect (or want) to fight the crowds in restaurants on Valentines Day.  There will be so much more meaning in your gift if you cook one of her favorites, grab a nice bottle (or 2!) of wine, spread a blanket on the floor and light some candles.  You get to spend quality, alone time with your girl and maybe you can even use those things in the gift basket!

Massage or Facial

Every woman would love the opportunity to be pampered a bit with a massage, facial treatment or even a manicure / pedicure.  Drop by a spa and pic up a gift certificate for her so she can make her own appointment though!


If you must, and you don’t have time for anything else, go the flower route.  It isn’t necessary to buy them from a florist if you don’t have time – most grocery stores have a nice selection of flowers and arrangements to choose from at the last minute.

Even if you have to grab a gift at the last minute, it doesn’t mean you have to leave all thought out of it.  Make sure your gift is heartfelt and something you know she will appreciate.  If you do that, she will be mush!

Happy Valentines Day!

Do you have any last minute Valentines Day gifts to add?

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