Top Ten New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

We all do it – make New Years resolutions!  How many of us actually stick to them?

Studies say that about 97% of New Years resolutions are never fulfilled. WHOA – that is a huge percentage!  So why bother?  Well, studies also show that even if they are not fulfilled, they can still be very useful.

Fact is, those people who make a resolution are 45% more likely to meet a “goal” included in the resolution.  For instance, if you resolve to stop smoking, you may not quit completely, but you are 45% more likely to cut back significantly.  Less smoking is better than nothing, correct?

So even if you think it is fruitless to air your New Years Resolutions, you really should at least try.  You never know what you might get out of it!

Top Ten New Years Resolutions:

Lose weight

By far, Losing Weight is at the top of the list of New Years resolutions.  Why?  Because we have become such an un-fit society where over 70% of us could use to lose at least 10 lbs.  Think about that, that is a lot!

Losing just 10 lbs can help drop your blood pressure, and there are many places where they discuss losing 10 pounds quickly – just do your research and choose wisely.

Start Exercising

Starting an exercise routine does not mean you have to plunge head deep into 7 days a week at the gym.  In fact, more folks that get gym memberships for Christmas, stop using them by the end of January.

So how about you forego the gym in the beginning?  Start small by taking a walk around the neighborhood and each day, make the walk just a little longer.  As you increase your distance, start adding in a jog as part of the routine.  Before you know it, you will increased your distance and you will be running the entire way!  Once you start to feel more comfortable in your body and stamina, consider that gym membership.  But remember, you DO NOT need to go to a gym to get fit.  There are a ton of different exercises you can do in your own home that can get you there just as quickly!

Spend More time With Family

More than 50% of us make these New Years resolutions.  So why do only about 10% actually do it?  In this fast paced world, we all seem to be busy, ALL the time.  But are we really too busy to make more time for our friends or parents?  Money is tight, so a lot of us can’t meet for dinner like we used to, so how about hosting a dinner at your home?  Or even better, choose a genre of food and have pot luck.  Everyone can bring something from that genre and you can share great recipes at the same time.

It doesn’t cost much to pick up the phone at least touch base as well.  Again, we all seem too busy, but lets try to do better this year!

Quit Smoking

This is a very important New Years resolution for obvious reasons.  If you haven’t heard, SMOKING WILL KILL YOU.  Not only is it bad for you, it is an expensive and quite nasty habit.   As a former smoker, I know this one as a fact.  Most smokers try and average of 4-5 times to quit before they actually succeed.  So if you have tried before, don’t let it get you down – you aren’t the only one thats failed. At the very least, try some of the over the counter nicotine replacements or check out a Quit Smoking Study.

This New Years resolution is worth having every single year – until you actually do it!

Get Out of Debt

If you are like me, this is my number one priority.  It has been a tough year for so many families and getting out of debt may not even be feasible.  But, you can work towards it by making some drastic changes.

  • Stop eating out: Do not eat out at all!  Make pizza at home and no stops at the drive through
  • Take your lunch to work: Not only is it more healthy, but by far, less expensive
  • Don’t buy that!:  If you don’t need it,  don’t buy it – it’s as simple as that.  Even if its a fantastic deal, you need the money more at this time

Go back to School / Learn Something New

Going back to school does not have to be expensive, in fact, most community colleges now have free classes and seminars that you can take.  If you happen to be unemployed, check with your local Unemployment office for free classes – ours has an absolute ton of them!  They have everything from computer classes, technical classes and even classes to help you write your resume – who can’t benefit from that?

Learning something new will not only help add a skill to your resume, but it makes you feel productive aren’t you always proud when you conquer something you didn’t know how to do?

Take time to Smell the Roses

We get so busy these days that we don’t seem to slow down long enough to “smell the roses” – literally.  We all need time to clear our heads of all the worries, so take the time to spend time with yourself.  Take a walk, read a book, put a blanket down in the yard and look up at the sky, take a bubble bath – whatever it is, make sure you take some time for YOU this year!


I say I’m going to do this every year, but I never seem to find the time.  This year will be different.  It has been a difficult year financially and physically, but we are still here, still making it and are surrounded by healthy, happy children.  Its far past time to go out and help others that are not as fortunate.

If you aren’t sure where to start, check out these:  Humane Society, Susan G Koman , Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America – N.O. Homeless Shelters, Salvation Army, Reading is Fundamental

Organize Your House

UGH!  I hate this one!  I vow to do this every year, but it will happen this year.  My husband and I have already started a list of things that need to be done around our home and we will start conquering these next week.

Start small – try the kitchen cabinets first.  Remember, the key is not only to organize your home, but to get rid of things you no longer need.  Keep from putting things back in your cabinets that you haven’t used in years.  If you haven’t used it in a year, chances are, you won’t use it this year either.  Throw the items in a box for charity or set them to the side to have a bid yard sale in the Spring.  You might actually make some good money from those items that are clogging up your cabinets!

Start Recycling

If you aren’t already recycling, what are you waiting for?  Our environment is in a horrendous state, and we all need to do our little part to help get this under control.

  • If your city does not provide recycling bins, take a ride to a big box store and invest in some inexpensive, plastic bins.
  • Mark each bin with the type of recyclable
  • Get the rules for recycling in your area – this is important!
  • Let your whole family know what you are doing and get them involved – especially the kids!
  • Start slow – maybe start with glass and plastic

Regardless, you need to start this if you haven’t.  Eventually, you and your family will have this down pat!  And, you will feel the need to teach others that aren’t recycling.  Eventually, we can get everyone on board!

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Here is to a Happy and fruitful New Year!!

Do you have any New Years Resolutions to add?


One Response to “Top Ten New Years Resolutions”
  1. Mark says:

    Yup – last year I vowed to quit smoking… and did it!

    Nice list of resolutions!

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