Do It Yourself Halloween Make Up

You have found (or made) that perfect costume – now, what about the make up to finish it off?!  A costume can be fantastic, but the right make up can take it from a good costume, to a great costume!

Whether you want to do something simple like a scar or cut on your face, or something dramatic like a vampire or frankenstein, you can create these effects yourself at home with the right make up, technique and lots of patience! 

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Clown Makeup

With clown makeup, I suggest you check out some pictures online and decide what type of clown you want to be.  Below are basic instructions

  • Apply white grease paint over entire face. 
  • Using red grease paint, paint a strong, exaggerated shape over and around the lips
  • Paint large circles on cheeks and end of nose
  • Using black grease paint, draw a large, exaggerated eyebrow.   Make sure to extend well above  your own
  • Use black eyeliner (liquid is the best), and line upper and lower lids well.
  • Fill a sock with talcum powder or cornstarch, knot it up tightly and proceed to pat it against your face to set the makeup
  • Spritz with water to seal the makeup

Optional additions: Clown nose, Wig

Wicked Witch Makeup

  • Apply green face paint to entire face – make sure to cover lips, eyelids and brows as well
  • Sponge on darker green face paint on edges of face, over nose, forehead, beneath eyes and on lips.
  • Put black face paint on a brush, draw on eyebrows in a long high curve.
  • Add strokes up from eyebrow line to create a feathered effect, and thicken with another application of black paint.
  • Outline eyes with black face paint on upper and lower lash line
  • Draw lines from lower edge of eye down onto cheek   Add little curves between the lines to form the web form a spider web
  • Using orange face paint, dab onto lips in little vertical lines.
  • Outline lips with black face paint.
  • Use white face paint on a brush to highlight the curved thread lines in the spiders web and also the eyebrows.
  • Outline outer nostrils with black face paint
  • Wrinkle your brow. Paint black lines in the wrinkles.
  • Add gloss or glitter to lips.

Gene Simmons

  • Cleanse your face and let dry completely. .
  • Apply white cream makeup all over face. 
  • Using a powder puff, apply a translucent powder all over the white cream makeup. 
  • Use black eyeliner pencil to draw the outline of Simmons’ black design around the eyes and on the forehead. Check out some pictures here.
  • Use black cream makeup to fill in the outlined areas.
  • Apply another application of translucent powder.
  • Line and fill the lips in with a black lip pencil.
  • Apply black lipstick.

Corpse Makeup

  • Wash your face an let dry completely.
  • Run a makeup sponge under water and wring it out until damp
  • Rub sponge around in white face paint or pancake makeup until it is pretty full
  • Wipe the sponge over the entire face, applying a little thicker under the eyes
  • Use grey face paint on your cheeks and under the eyes to make them look “sunken”
  • Line your upper and lower lids with the brown eyeliner.
  • Apply alot of white or grey mascara .
  • Use yellow, brown, grey or silver eye shadow under your eyes to give a more sunken effect.
  • Apply grey or pale pink lipstick

Optional additions: Use fake blood and create a couple of lacerations, Grab some false yellowing teeth or black out a couple of your own, Spray hair with silver or white hair paint

Pirate Makeup

Pirates can be cute, sexy or scary.  Decide which one you like by checking out some pirate pictures

Male Pirate:

  • Add stubble or a beard or goatee by applying dark makeup with a sponge tipped applicator to the face and blended to create a shadow effect.
  • Use lots of black eyeliner around the eyes
  • Add a scar to create a rough battled look by drawing on with lip or eyeliner.

Female Pirate:

  • Play up the eyes and lips for a seductive look.
  • Use bright red lipstick on the lips
  • Use dark eyeliner and shadow on eyes
  • Paint on a mole with eye liner

Optional additions: Bandana, eye patch, large hoop earrings, bracelets

Fake Stitches

  • Using black thread, tie small knots along the length of stitches.  Leave about 1 inch between knots
  • Mix equal parts glue and water in a small container.
  • Place the stitches in the glue mixture and let them soak
  • Brush nontoxic glue onto the skin where the stitches will go. 
  • Allow the glue to begin drying until it becomes tacky.
  • Apply stitches one by one onto the skin, using tweezers.
  • Leave about a half-inch of space between each stitch.

Age your hands

  • Apply color foundation all over your hands
  • Using an eye liner or eye brow pencil, outline the veins in your hands and your wrist bones.
  • Smudge the pencil to darken entire vein
  • Use a darker foundation, light brown shadow or eye pencil to draw liver spots
  • Pat with translucent face powder

Add a Hairy Wart

  • Using a whole peppercorn, add a drop of false eyelash glue to it and place on your face (away from eyes)
  • Take a couple of strands from a paintbrush and glue them to the peppercorn

Pointy Ears

  • Clean the top part of your ears with alcohol and let dry
  • Fold the ear to form a point.
  • Paint on iquid latex so the fold stays where you put it.
  • Use spirit gum to match your skin tone and fill in the fold.


Tutorial for Realistic Wound

Fake Bullet Holes

Special Effects Bruising (video)

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Do you have any Halloween Makeup Ideas to share?

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