36 Fire Safety Tips for October, Fire Safety Month!

According to the US Fire Association Department of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Association, more than 3000 people die in house fires every year! That number has been dropping every year since the reporting started, and the reason is largely due to consumers being more aware and the campaigns to make sure homes are safer! Part of that is the National declaration of October 3-9th being Fire Safety week!

In this DIY Reviews article, we take a quick look at simple steps you can take around your home, to make sure you are prepared for the winter ahead, and make your home safer against fire!

** In the Case of a Fire, If a Fire Extinguisher Did Not Put It Out…. GET OUT and Call 911 Immediately!

Fire Safety Tips Around Your Home

  • Make Sure you have at Least 2 Smoke Detectors on Every Floor of your Home!
  • Check the Battery in Smoke Detectors Monthly
  • Test Smoke Detectors Monthly (Burning toast in the toaster works wonderful!)
  • Make Sure you have at least 1 Carbon Monoxide Detector in your Home!
  • Make Sure EVERYONE in your Home Knows How to Use the Fire Extinguishers!
  • Hold Regular Family Meetings to make Sure Everyone Knows how to React in the Case of a Fire!
  • Make Sure you have an Escape Route from Every Room in Your Home, that is Clean of Clutter and Ready to Be Used at ANY Time!
  • Hold a Mock Fire-Drill at Least Once a Year!

Fire Safety Tips in the Kitchen

  • Keep a Fully Charged Fire Extinguisher in your Kitchen
  • Never Store Hand Towels Near your Stove
  • Always Use a Timer to Remind you the Stove is On!
  • Always keep Pot Handles turned in to prevent being knocked over
  • Never Stack Combustible Items on the Stove
  • If a Fire Occurs Inside the Oven, Turn off the Heat and Keep the Door CLOSED Until it Dies Out
  • Never Leave Your Appliances Unattended When they are On!

Fire Safety Tips for the Bathroom & Laundry Room

  • Keep a Fully Charged Fire Extinguisher in your Laundry Room!
  • Always Clean the Dryer Lint Trap with Every Load!
  • Always Check to Make Sure the Dryer Vent is not Blocked After Snowfall
  • Never Run the Clothes Dryer After You Go To Bed!
  • Never keep Electrical Appliances such as a Hair Dryer or Curling Iron near Water
  • Always Unplug the Hair Dryer and Curling Iron After Each Use!
  • Have the Dryer Vent Cleaned by a Professional Once a Year when you have your HVAC Serviced!

Home Heating System Fire Safety Tips

  • Never Stack Anything within 3 Feet of your Home Heating System (Or ANY Heat Source)
  • Keep all Baseboard Heaters Clean of Dust
  • Never Put Furniture in Front of Heater
  • Check that Curtains or Drapes do not Hang onto Heater
  • Have your Furnace System Inspected Once a Year by a Professional! (Find a Qualified and Local HVAC Professional)

Fireplace Safety Tips

  • Inspect your Fireplace Damper to make Sure it Works Properly
  • Always use a Fireplace Screen
  • Never Place Anything Combustible within 6 Feet of a Active Fireplace
  • Make sure your Fire is completely extinguished before you leave the house or go to bed
  • Have your Chimney Inspected at Least Once a Year for Buildup and Safety (Find a Fireplace Specialist in your Area)

Outdoor Grilling Fire Safety Tips

  • Always Keep the Grill at least 8 Feet from your Home
  • Never Leave the Grill Unattended
  • Always Clean the Grill After Each Use to Prevent Grease Buildup
  • Keep a Fire Extinguisher Nearby your Grill

What Would You Add to this List?

We encourage everyone who reads this article to add at least one tip of their own at the bottom of the page in the comments section!

Places to learn more:

And a Great Video from YouTube on testing the smoke detector!


One Response to “36 Fire Safety Tips for October, Fire Safety Month!”
  1. Jenna says:

    I would add… Never smoke in bed! We lost a close friend who fell asleep while smoking in bed.

    Thanks for the GREAT LIST of tips also!


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