10 Places to Learn How to Make Your Own Coupon Organizer Binder

Chances are, you have been in a grocery store and seen someone with a coupon organizer binder.  Serious couponers (like myself) are super organized and passionate about saving money!        

I hear this all the time – “It takes too much time to use coupons!”.  Well, yes, it does take some time.  But would you rather go in a store and spend $100 or would you prefer to pay only $5 for for all those items?         

To save serious money, it isn’t enough to just cut some coupons. If you don’t take the time to cut, file and organize them, you will likely either forget to take them with you shopping or they will end up is crunched up blobs in the bottom of your purse.        

Make Your Own Coupon Organizer Binder

My top choices:

[thumbshot url=http://www.frugalcouponliving.com/]Frugal Coupon Living        

[thumbshot url=http://www.beingfrugal.net/]Being Frugal        

[thumbshot url=http://www.momsaves.com/]Mom Saves        

[thumbshot url=http://www.bargainbriana.com/]Bargain Briana       


Other Top Picks:

5 Dollar Dinners      


My Wooden Spoon        

Learning to Be Frugal        

My Coupon Teacher        

If you prefer not to make your own binder, here is a great place where  you can purchase one already made:        

[thumbshot url=http://www.saveathomemommy.com/]       

Save At Home Mommy
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Do you have any organizing tips?

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