Top 10 DIY Gifts for Do it Yourself Projects

diy giftsFinding the Perfect Gift for the Do it Yourself Person in your life can be a challenge at best!

The list below is a compilation of some of the Best DIY Gifts you can get for that special someone, guaranteed to make their eyes pop wide open with joy when they unwrap it on Christmas or ANY day!!

Little Giant Ladder System

The Little Giant Ladder may be a higher priced ladder, but any Do-it-Yourself person who spends just 10 minutes reading reviews or talking to others who own one, you will not waste another minute before buying one!

Dewalt 18 Volt XRP Cordless Combo Kit

Every handyman or woman needs a cordless combo kit in their tool arsenal! The Dewalt 18 Volt XRP series combo kits deliver results above and beyond what you expect in one of these packages!

Wagner Spray Tech Paint Crew

Painting your home is pain, lets face it! If you are one of those who wants to paint their own home but is afraid to get overwhelmed with brushes, rollers and every other manual way of painting, the Wagner Spray Tech system is the way to go! You can spend thousands of dollars to hire someone… or just a couple hundred, and do it yourself! Perfect for DIY homeowners and small contractors alike!

Cricut Expressions

For the Crafter in your home, Cricut delivers the ease and versatility of all die-cutting systems without all the dies or even a PC. The Cricut Expression system is an all in one cutting machine for the Do it Youselfer that uses a cartridge-based setup to provide thousands of pattern options! You choose the size and shape, put in your paper and hit one single button. The Cricut takes over from there! Take it with you anywhere, with its comfortable and sturdy carrying handle.

If you have a crafter in your home, this is the one machine everyone is buying!

Weber Portable Tailgater Grill

ANY Tailgater knows, your pregame party is only as good as your grill! Weber truly came through on this Portable Grill for Tailgaters, by delivering a medium sized cooking surface, fueled by propane gas!

Set the Tailgater grill onto your tailgate or on a small box, fire it up, and within minutes… this DIY Tailgater gift is working on your chicken, steaks, burgers, or whatever special party recipe you bring to the big game!

Web Design Software from Adobe

Ask any Website Developer what makes their job the easiest, and chances are pretty good… you will hear a common theme of the Adobe CS3 Dreamweaver suite being used! The full suite of tools is not a cheap buy for sure, but after you build just one site… it will pay for itself in the time saved during the development as well as the time saved for updating the site in the future!

Adobe CS3 makes the Perfect DIY Website Developer Gift!

Mechanics Hand Tool Kit

If you have a backyard do it yourself mechanic in the house, he or she can never have too many tools! Craftsman has proven they will not only stand the test of time with high quality, but they carry a lifetime warranty and will replace ANY tool that breaks for ANY reason!

Simply put, your DIY mechanic cannot go wrong with a set of Craftsman hand tools!

Gourmet Coffee Expresso Kit

Gourmet Coffee is not new for sure, but making it at home is just now catching on! One of our recent articles on Using a French Press Pot has received thousands of readers in less than 45 days, which means it is coming to the masses!

For a friend or the coffee lover in your home, getting them a Gourmet Coffee Machine Gift is always the right choice!

Canon EOS Rebel Digital Camera Kit

For the DIY Photographer in your home, the Canon XSi 450D is by far, the most popular digital camera on the market! From the changeable lenses to the one of the most dynamic pixel ranges available today, you will be cherished forever by getting this gift for the do it yourself photographer!


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  3. [...] Vote Top 10 DIY Gifts for Do it Yourself Projects [...]

  4. [...] Vote Top 10 DIY Gifts for Do it Yourself Projects [...]

  5. [...] Vote Top 10 DIY Gifts for Do it Yourself Projects [...]

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